To provide high-quality, effective and person-centred education and support services to our clients.
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We offer short term accommodation that is fully equipped with state of the art gadgets to keep you company.
We take into consideration the care plan, EHCP and other individual needs of our clients.
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We assess and understand the unique learning style and needs of our clients and develop and implement plans to support them.
We provide different learning resources required to support our client's needs.

Who we Are

Sensory Everywhere Educational Services Limited (SEES) is SEN education and disability support services provider based in Kent, United Kingdom. We are committed to partnering with people living with disabilities in order to improve their skills and quality of life utilising a person-centred approach. This commitment is reflected in our values, reflected in our vision, embraced by our culture, and at the foundation of everything we do. Our commitment includes educating, supporting and empowering people with learning disability. We actively promote the safety of children and have a standard safeguarding procedure and zero tolerance to abuse. Our services include: assistance with social and community participation, behaviour support and management, support coordination, supported independent living, weekend day centre, short-term accommodation and private tutoring and sensory. Staffing levels include educators, behavioural specialists, Sensory specialists, Therapists, educational tutor, educational technology specialist. disability support workers, mental health support workers, and psychosocial recovery coaches, and support coordinators. All of our operations adhere strictly to OFSTED and CQC standards. With a team of highly enthusiastic, energetic, compassionate, and friendly employees we provide high-quality, effective and person-centred support services to every individual we educate and care for.


We believe that relationships are key in any organization. Building trust is more than just working together, it is understanding one another. Inspiring positive change through strong and enduring relationships.


Our approach to solving problems requires agility and collaboration to meet individual and community needs.


In a time of change, we have the courage to challenge the status quo and the resolve to do something about it. We are a collective who encourages people to take action for the change they desire in their lives.


In addition to respecting people's rights, we strive to see the world from a diverse and inclusive perspective.


We understand the importance of imagination in identifying what is possible, what works. We are always open to new ways of doing things, and we do so openly and willingly.

Best Practice Care!

We Offer Different Services For You

Respite / Short Stay Accommodation

We offer short term accommodation that is fully equipped with state of ...

Supported Independent Living

participant has the choice of choosing any room in our housing units.

Independent Community Access and Participation Training

SEES will support clients to access community activities in order to be..

Sensory E - Services Support

SEES is in a process of developing an application that can be used to meet different sensory needs.

Recovery Accommodation

We also offer recovery accommodation design to assist people living with ...

Behaviour Support and Management

Some people often describe challenging behaviour as ...

Weekend Day Centre

SEES committed to support children and young people with complex learning difficulties, disabilities, and additional communication needs ...

Community Paricipation Access

Social interaction and community engagement are essential parts of daily life.

Support Coordination

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches helps NDIS participant to make sense of their plan and utilise their funding.

Private Tutoring and Sensory Support

We have dedicated and committed staff who are educational consultants specialising in the needs of children...

To provide high-quality, effective and person-centred education and support services to our clients.

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