Behaviour Support and Management

Behaviour Support and Management

Some people often describe challenging behaviour as:

  •  ‘Problem behaviour’
  •  ‘Difficult behaviour’ 
  • ‘Socially unacceptable behaviour’

But in recent years, the term challenging behaviour reflects the fact that some of the behaviours are a challenge to professionals, teachers, carers and parents.

That means the person showing these behaviours is not a ‘problem’ to be fixed, or someone doing something ‘wrong’, but that the behaviour is a sign that something isn’t working.

PBS believes that behaviour is functional;

  • Why the behaviour is occurring. 
  • Challenging behaviour always serves a purpose for the individual. 
  • The function of their challenging behaviour is to meet an unmet need and to communicate this. 
  • Challenging behaviour will depend on who the person is and the situation they are in. 

SEES helps to develop appropriate and effective behaviour management strategies plan that can be used to support children with behaviour of concern. We work with our clients and their family to understand the clients and conduct a professional assessment for developing a positive support plan for our clients and we have lots of positive results that we are proud of.

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